CreditOnline White Label Core software and technology solution is designed to help young lending businesses enter the market with a comprehensive approach towards client experience and a fully automated lending ecosystem to back it up. Based on our own 14 years of experience on the IT side of the lending industry we packed everything necessary to run a lending operation into a single solution in order to keep the initial hurdles of chaos and confusion at bay, either when entering new markets or founding a lending business for the first time. White Label Core includes a variety of customer facing website templates with fully incorporated CreditOnline Core functionalities, all necessary integrations to meet market regulatory requirements and all the consulting along the way to speed-up your success and accelerate your ability to scale-up. CreditOnline Core is devised to cover the full lending cycle in a lean and uncluttered way and is the best fit for those businesses that seek to: Increase productivity

  • - Streamline the lending process

  • - Improve organisational capacity

  • - Improve unit contribution margins

  • - Increase profitability

  • - Access insights for better-informed decisions

  • - Enhance customer experience

  • - Introduce innovative features early