Loan Refinancing Business Management System

Often happens that people with one or more loans are overwhelmed by loan payment schedules or by high interest rate. So they have to look for solutions to solve their budget problems. In this situation, refinancing becomes the most common solution for people who are struggling because of financial liabilities. That’s why a reliable loan refinancing management system is essential for every credit business that wants to provide smooth refinancing of loans.

What is refinancing?

When a person faces problems in repaying one or more available loans, he has to look for ways to solve this burden of financial liabilities. One of the best solutions in this situation is to borrow a new loan to cover previously taken loans or to say it in two words - refinance loan. It doesn’t matter if it’s consumer loans or financial liabilities from leasing or credit companies - loan refinancing will consolidate all loans into one and provide better loan repayment terms. that’s why refinancing is such an attractive service. So for this reason, every credit business who wants to provide high quality must have a reliable loan refinancing management system.

What makes CREDITONLINE a unique Loan Refinancing Business Management System provider?

  • - Agreements and documents are generated and sent to the Customer automatically.

  • - Automated loan distribution upon receipt.

  • - Automated process of messages/reminders sending to the Customer.

  • - Communication with a client is “online”, so You will be able to constantly inform about the loan processes and terms.

  • - Automatic assessment of customer solvency which makes decisions according to the algorithms of refinance rates You set.

  • - Ability to manage and administer recovery and trial processes.

  • - Ability to export database information from any location on the system according to Your defined rack and export table parameters.

That’s why the CREDITONLINE Loan Refinancing Business Management System is recognized by the financial sector professionals. With CREDITONLINE Loan Refinancing Business Management System a smooth and high-quality refinancing will become the strong side of Your credit business

Why choose CREDITONLINE Loan Refinancing Business Software?

CREDITONLINE Loan Refinancing Business Management System’s advantages will allow you to provide effective refinancing services, because of:

  • - Fully automated refinancing applications process.

  • - Special Application Programming Interface (API) allows for the system to communicate smoothly with the frontend (Client Zone). Because of that, a Client quickly receives follow-up instructions and answers during a refinancing application submitting.

  • - The customer's solvency declaration document, in which all the information necessary for refinancing is captured and information about client financial commitment and creditors is provided, which will allow to make the best decision about refinancing is generated automatically.

  • - The client doesn’t need to come to your office, because the entire refinancing process is automated and the required documents are transmitted online.