Loan Refinancing Software

Sometimes people with multiple loans get overwhelmed by loan payment schedules or high interest rates. Often they will look for solutions to help them manage their budget issues. In this case, refinancing becomes the most common solution for those who are struggling because of financial liabilities. If you are a business offering refinancing to customers then you will require an efficient loan management system to ensure smooth refinancing of loans.

What is refinancing?

Refinancing allows those facing problems repaying multiple loans to reduce their financial burden. One of the best solutions is to borrow a new loan to cover any previous loans, this is known as refinancing. It doesn’t matter whether the loans are from consumer loans, leasing or credit companies, refinancing will consolidate all loans into one and provide better repayment terms. That is why for many refinancing is an attractive option.

Why choose CREDITONLINE for your Loan Refinancing Business Management System provider?

CREDITONLINE has been developed with the financial industry in mind. We understand that there are lots of processes involved in loan management, many of those being manual. That is why we have developed an intelligent loan management system based on automation to save you and your team time. Saving time on manual processes will also lead to a reduction in costs and an increase in your bottom line. Our system has also been designed to work with growing businesses so as you grow our systems will grow with you. The team at CREDITONLINE are passionate about providing solutions for the financial industry that improve efficiency and ensure high quality delivery.

What features are included with CREDITONLINE’s Loan Refinancing Business Software?

  • Agreements and documents generated and sent to customers automatically.
  • Automated loan distribution upon receipt.
  • Automated customer messages and reminders sent to them directly.
  • Online client communication to provide a constant flow of information about processes and terms.
  • Automated client solvency assessment based on refinance rates you set.

What other features does CREDITONLINE’s Loan Refinancing Business Software have?

  • The ability to manage and administer recovery and trial processes.
  • Ability to export database information from any location on the system according to your defined rack and export table parameters.
  • Fully automated refinancing application process.
  • Our special API allows the system to communicate smoothly with the frontend system meaning a client quickly receives follow-up instruction and answers during the application process.
  • Customer’s solvency declaration document in which all the necessary refinancing information is captured allows better decisions to be made and approvals can be generated automatically.
  • There is no need for your customer’s to visit your office as the entire refinancing process is automated and the documents are transmitted online.

If you would like further information on our refinancing solutions, please book a free demo or contact our team.

Frequently Asked Refinancing Solution Questions

Who can use refinancing?

Absolutely anyone and everyone can use both the refinancing service and software. Both private entities and businesses are able to use refinancing. There are no limits to the use of refinancing as long as there is a need for it.

How long will it take to implement your refinancing software?

Implementation can vary from client to client. However, provided that a client is ready and has made the necessary preparations. The software can be implemented in as little as three months. The typical implementation period with a proactive client is from 3-6 months.

Can the interest rate be easily amended?

The software is very highly customisable. Pretty much every sum and every aspect of the system can be amended and tweaked to the requirements of the client.