Factoring software solutions

Invoice finance - A common reason why various companies apply to financial institutions. Also, they all expecting that factoring will be done smoothly and efficiently. That’s why factoring requires reliable factoring software solutions - CREDITONLINE a time-tested software system, that will allow you to successfully provide all factoring services.

What is Factoring?

Factoring is a service provided by a bank or factoring company. Bank or factoring company obligates working capital and accounts receivable financing of products or services to third country (buyer) selling company. Products or services selling company transfers or obligate to transfer the monetary claim from the third part (buyer) to the bank or factoring company and pay the remuneration.

What makes CREDITONLINE a unique factoring software provider?

CREDITONLINE factoring software is based on a reliable loan business management system, recognized by the financial sector professionals. CREDITONLINE FACTORING system features and benefits:

  • - AUTOMATIC control of factoring transactions. It guarantees SAFETY and reduces risk, because CREDITONLINE FACTORING system uses electronic signature and meets all the highest safety criteria that avoid forgery of documents or other difficulties in handling documents.

  • - exceptionally fast COMMUNICATION - Both transaction participants sides are always informed about the course of transaction, because CREDITONLINE FACTORING system instantly informs parties of process about debt assignment and sends a message to confirm the transaction.

  • - Lower labor COSTS for document processing, because they don’t need to be printed and processed manually - CREDITONLINE FACTORING system will take care of everything.

  • - FASTER factoring process - after all, pressing a few buttons takes faster than printing documents and fill them manually.

That’s why CREDITONLINE loan business management system guarantees smooth and efficient business financing for banks, factoring companies, and other financial institutions.

CREDITONLINE factoring software system guarantees a smooth and reliable factoring implementation because:

  • - It ensures safe tripartite collaboration between counterparties.

  • - Automates the transmission and validation of monetary claim documents.

  • - It provides the ability for a product provider to upload a package of electronic documents.

  • - It has an automatic solvency assessment function; That allows to make a quick decision on invoice financing

  • It provides Web interface - universal access to CREDITONLINE factoring system from any device with an Internet connection.