Line of Credit

Line of Credit Software solutions

Simple lending is not a very complicated operation. However, to manage the Line of Credit lending process is much more difficult. This requires a reliable line of credit software. That’s why CREDITONLINE developed Line of Credit Software - For easy and efficient loan issuance and administration process.

Line of Credit - What is it?

Line of Credit - It is a permanent way of working capital financing, when a bank or other financial institution sets a borrowing limit and the company can borrow up to this limit at its convenience. Line of Credit loan has an advantage comparing with simple loan issuance. Because of Line of Credit loan, The borrower saves time in getting the loan and the financial institution does not need to continuously assess the risk of loan repayment, loan interest repayment date set is also included.

What makes CREDITONLINE a unique Line of Credit Software provider?

  • - Agreements and documents are generated and sent to the Customer automatically.

  • - Automated loan distribution upon receipt.

  • - Automated process of messages/reminders sending to the Customer.

  • - Communication with a client is “online”, so You will be able to constantly inform about the loan processes and terms.

  • - Automatic assessment of customer solvency which makes decisions according to the evaluation algorithms You set.

  • - Ability to manage and administer recovery and trial processes.

  • - Ability to export database information from any location on the system according to Your defined rack and export table parameters.

That’s why the CREDITONLINE Line of Credit Software is recognized by the financial sector professionals. CREDITONLINE Line of Credit Software guarantees efficiently business line of credit system management and smooth loan issuance and administration process.

Why choose CREDITONLINE Line of Credit Software?

Line of Credit software has to make complex credit line process management simple and easy. That’s why CREDITONLINE Line of Credit Software provides a wide range of functions that will allow You to manage Line of Credit as You wish. CREDITONLINE Line of Credit Software advantages:

  • - Possibility to choose the "Salary Day" suitable for the client - the exact date on which the accrued monthly interest will be paid.

  • - Debt balance control (if the customer has not paid interest, he is not allowed to use the additional line amount).

  • - Transparent Credit Line Balance - The interest that the customer has already paid and the accrued interest for the current period are displayed.

  • - “Scanning plan” - Possibility to automatically debit the accrued interest from the client's bank account.

  • - It is convenient to broadcast all line of credit information through Application Programming Interface (API) straight to the client's office.