Credit history check with CSAS

The Client Solvency Assessment System takes the difficulty out of client’s solvency evaluation processes. CSAS takes care of all communications with various types of databases and restructures their data according to your business rules and requirements. This way the decision making process becomes much more effortless and fast as no human involvement is necessary.

From two way communication with various types of databases to request formation, solvency assessments, statistics scoring to automatic or manual requests or rejections of a loan.

What you get with CSAS:

Integrity - various types of data interpreted and united in a way that makes sense

Speed - finely tuned CSAS can accept or reject loan application based on your business plan in a fraction of a second

Statistics - all data you receive from databases is saved on a CSAS server and available

Saves money - apart from all indirect benefits that CSAS brings to your wallet, CSAS has a cache and enquiry log. No more repeated enquiries to costly databases for the same information, so Creditonline becomes a fully automated credit history check software.

Creditonline credit history check with scoring