Juozas Rupšys
Juozas, the founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the CreditOnline Platform has been accumulating experience in crediting technologies since 2007. Juozas is active member of business community and has several lines of successful businesses.
Eglė Krolytė-Plentienė
Eglė is the Head of Sales at CreditOnline who has been with CreditOnline since 2014. Eglė, being a trained lawyer and having 7 years’ experience working at the European United Credit Bureau, also oversees the legal department at CreditOnline as well as Creditonline UK entity.
Mantas Zalatorius
Mantas is the CBDO (Chief Business Development Officer) at CreditOnline. Mantas has extensive banking, corporate governance and leadership experience having worked in different leadership roles within banking, finance and professional services industries in his previous careers and lead various companies on their road to success for the last 20 years.
Aušra Bačkiūtė
Aušra is the Head of Support at CreditOnline. With her extensive 13 experience as an IT Project Manager, Aušra works tirelessly to ensure that all client enquiries and support tickets are met in a timely and efficient manner.
Darius Šumauskas
Darius is the CTO ( Chief Technology Officer) at CreditOnline. Darius’ is a qualified engineer of automated system design and management with extensive experience in banking and finance. Darius leads the IT team on a daily basis to ensure their road to success remains evenly paved.

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