Business Analysis System (BAS)

The Business Analysis System (BAS) is a tool to analyze system data which allows you to perform statistical breakdowns under described conditions which can then be used in developing the company’s strategy, decision making and in performing tactical actions.

The Business Analysis System is divided into three main parts:

  • The data set constructor form sets of database tables which will later be used to perform queries in the reports constructor. The constructor can combine several different boards, create special fields by using mysql queries and to define field names.
  • The report constructor is a report, table and graph formation interface. This tool has the ability to manage data and present it in a desired form. The constructor performs query formation, sorting, filtering, grouping, transformation and report rendering starting with entry fields and finishing with data processing according to the settings.
  • Reports provide an unlimited amount of reports which allow for the analysis of the company’s financial results for a selected period and the outstanding loan portfolio.