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Collaborating for the Climate: Partnerships Between Fintech and Environment Groups
In today's rapidly evolving financial landscape, the intersection of fintech and sustainability has become a focal point for positive change. As technology continues to revolutionise the way we manage finances, the potential for fintech to propel sustainable development goals is endless. One aspect of this movement is Loan Management Software and Loan Management tools that support green finance initiatives. 
How BeMyBond Raised €1 Million in Bonds in Just Two Days with CreditOnline
How BeMyBond’s Big Launch with CreditOnline Set New Standards
AI is Revolutionizing Banking Compliance: How Fintech Companies Are Leading the Way
Fintech companies continuously push boundaries, introducing groundbreaking solutions that disrupt traditional financial markets. However, regardless of this innovation, accountability must come from somewhere.
The Shifting Tides of Banking in 2024
Perspectives from Prominent Women in European Fintech
Examining the Difference in Gender Diversity: Perspectives from Prominent Women in European Fintech.
Unifying Banking Operations: The Power of a Modern Loan Management Platform
In the drive towards digital transformation, banks face both opportunities and obstacles. While many prioritize digital development, success remains elusive for those without a cohesive strategy. A unified loan management platform serves as a cornerstone in this journey, streamlining processes and fortifying institutions against evolving challenges.
Introducing CreditOnline's Latest Innovation: Credit Cards and Credit Lines
In the fast-paced world of finance, adaptability and innovation are paramount. At CreditOnline, we understand the evolving needs of lenders, scale-ups, and credit start-ups. That's why we're thrilled to announce the launch of our newest product: Credit Cards and Credit Lines.
Triumph with CreditOnline Core Banking
In the ever-evolving landscape of banking, GOCAP emerges as a true trailblazer, achieving success through its strategic embrace of digital transformation powered by CreditOnline Core Banking. This powerful lending technology is not just a solution for GOCAP; it's a driving force that has propelled the institution to new heights in the financial industry.
Navigating the Landscape of Banking Core Systems
In the daily grind of banking tasks – think transactions, loan payouts, and risk evaluations – the reliance on technology is unsatisfactory. Handling all these intricacies manually would be a logistical nightmare. Enter fintech, or financial technology, playing a pivotal role in this situation, with banking core software becoming a key player.
Lithuania's Fintech Scene: A Growing Hub for Innovation
Unravelling the Secrets of Europe's Rising Innovation Hub
Navigating Fintech Horizons: Trends and Transformations in 2024
In the annual assessment of trends in the financial technology sector, experts are predicting shifts that could define the upcoming year and beyond. While temptation often lies in making extreme predictions, the analysis focuses on more grounded projections for the banking and fintech landscape.
Anticipating the Green Fintech Wave in Southeast Asia
Revolutionizing Banking with CreditOnline's Loan Management Software
In an ever-evolving landscape of banking and financial services, technology plays an integral role in shaping the future. Among the pioneering forces driving this transformation is CreditOnline, a leading lending technology provider. CreditOnline's Loan Management Software is at the forefront, redefining how banks and financial institutions handle loans while enhancing the overall customer experience. In this article, we'll delve into the remarkable journey of CreditOnline's Loan Management Software and explore how it is revolutionizing the future of banking.
Rising Risks in Fintech
Mass Layoffs and Financial Challenges
Delving into the World of Tech Jargon in Banking
 You've probably noticed how technology is transforming our industry. Along with these tech changes come some new terms that might sound a bit confusing. But fret not, we're here to demystify them for you. In this blog post, we've compiled a list of tech-related words that are making waves in digital innovation. Let's dive in!
Decoding the Fintech Revolution: Shaping the Future of Finance
Fintech's Unstoppable Rise
Streamlining the Lending Landscape: The Impact of Loan Management Software
 The lending industry is experiencing a significant shift thanks to the advent of loan management software. This cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing the borrowing experience by optimizing processes, elevating customer service, and strengthening risk management practices.
The Role of Fintech in Alleviating Poverty: Insights from a UK Report
 In the pursuit of addressing the challenges posed by poverty, a recent report from the United Kingdom has shed light on the potential of fintech – the blend of finance and technology. By exploring the key findings of this study, we can better understand how fintech is ready to make a significant impact, empowering vulnerable communities and transforming poverty in the UK.
CreditOnline at the Forefront of Fintech Innovation: Highlights from London Fintech Week 2023
London Fintech Week 2023 served as a convergence point for leaders and innovators across various tech industries, including fintech. Among the esteemed attendees was Egle Krolyte-Plentiene, Head of sales and Head of Creditonline UK, a renowned loan management software company. Let's explore Egle's firsthand insights and experiences at the event, shedding light on the significance of CreditOnline's presence and the key takeaways for the loan management software industry.
Using AI to Strengthen Alternative Data Lending
The convergence of alternative data and artificial intelligence (AI) is significantly changing the lending landscape. This dynamic blend is completely changing the way lending decisions are made and creating new possibilities for both lenders and borrowers.
The Fintech Takeover
The fintech sector is revolutionizing the financial landscape by harnessing the power of data. With the vast amounts of information available, financial institutions can leverage solutions to access and analyze data, ultimately improving their operations and services. This new era of finance has emerged as a result of fintech's ability to create innovative and practical solutions, challenging traditional banking practices.
Key Considerations when planning a Portfolio Migration to CreditOnline
If you're a lender planning to migrate your mortgage or loan portfolios to new systems or platforms, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. After all, portfolio migration is no small feat and requires careful planning and execution to avoid any risks or challenges. But don't worry – we've got you covered!
To Buy or to Build Loan Management Software- That is the question.
In today's questionable financial climate, numerous companies are seeking out ways to cut costs whereas keeping up their competitive edge. One area where companies can save cash is in their data framework. Particularly, companies must choose whether to construct or purchase their data infrastructure to meet their needs. In this article, we'll investigate the components that companies ought to consider when making this choice.
Equifax releases a report on Personal Loans and Digital Lending
According to a recent report by Equifax and FICCI, personal loans remain the most popular fintech product, accounting for 96% of the total disbursement volume. This highlights the growing popularity of personal loans among consumers looking for quick and easy access to credit. As the fintech industry continues to gain momentum, online lending platforms and other fintech lenders are increasingly leveraging technology to improve their loan origination, underwriting, and servicing processes, and enhance their competitiveness in the market.
BNPL - Buy Now Pay Later and CreditOnline
BNPL services
Top Loan Management Software features
At CreditOnline, our tech Gurus have been working to answer what makes up the best loan management software features. Below are a few that they and our clients seem to agree on.
How does our automated lending system work?
When explaining the automated lending system, it is easiest to understand by looking at the process of installment loans.
Why do mortgage companies use loan software?
Mortgages can be long, costly and daunting processes for both the lender ( that has to juggle all the paperwork ) and the borrower ( who has to move home ). Delays can be caused by anything from lost paperwork to tired or overworked mortgage officers.
Peer to peer lending advantages and disadvantages
Peer to peer lending advantages and disadvantages
Is it more cost effective to have a loan origination software built in house or use external software?
Is it more cost-effective to have loan origination software built in-house or use external software?
How the car industry can benefit from using a leasing management system
Despite the leasing industries boom over the last few decades it is clear that the administrational side of the otherwise highly profitable business is lagging behind. One of the main reasons for this is the sheer workforce required to cater to the demand of the influx of new clients.
Top FIVE Mistakes Eradicating Start-up Fintechs.
Top FIVE Mistakes Eradicating Start-up Fintechs.
How Lending Fintech Is Helping Businesses Manage Their Cash Flow Challenge?
Starting and running a new business can sometimes be a dreaded and tedious task often down to cash-flow challenges entrepreneurs will come across in the process. Research suggests that about 82% of new business will fail because of cash flow management or the lack of knowledge or adequate skills to successfully overcome the cash-flow hurdle. Even though an entrepreneur may be filling a gap in the market and have a pristine business plan, more often than not, they man not have financial management amongst their skills.
How To Find the Right Loan Software Provider for Your Lending Business?
When it comes to starting out your Loan Business it can, especially in the beginning, be a tedious and slow process. The record keeping gets too much even for the biggest firms and the amount of work force that you need to keep the larger business running is simply unsustainable. This is why there are companies across the internet that offer Loan Software Solutions.  
The rising importance of Buy Now Pay Later
With the passage of time it is no longer news when a new payment method comes onto the Market. Although payment methods like Klarna may still sound like a novelty an estimated 15 Million adults of all ages are using this form of credit. This shows an increase of 2 million from last years statistics.
Three Ways CREDITONLINE's loan management system can improve the efficiency of your business
What is a Client Solvency Assessment System?
We are proud to announce that our software has the potential to be PCI DSS compliant. The PCI DSS means that the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards have been met by both the technological and administrative sides of a business.
Should I offer ‘factoring’ to my customers?
Factoring is a common strategy used in business to help accelerate cash flow. If you are considering offering factoring, it is good to know what it will mean for you and your customers. At CREDITONLINE we offer a reliable factoring software system that allows you to successfully provide all factoring services.
6 benefits of using CREDITONLINE’s API
Businesses can benefit an immense amount from using API’s. We have therefore broken it down into 6 sections to better explain how our API can be of use to your business.
CREDITONLINE is proud to announce that our software can be PCI DSS compliant
We are proud to announce that our software has the potential to be PCI DSS compliant. The PCI DSS means that the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards have been met by both the technological and administrative sides of a business.
Lithuania could become the EU’s crowdfunding business hub
Beginning November 10, 2021, the European Parliament and European Council regulation on European crowdfunding business service providers will come into power and will bring fundamental changes to the EU’s crowdfunding market. Starting November 10, a company with a crowdfunding licence in any EU country will be able to offer crowdfunding services across the EU. This means that crowdfunding companies established and licensed in Lithuania will be able to serve the entire EU market.
5 reasons to use a loan management system
There are a long list of reasons as to why you should use a loan management system, however for the purposes of this blog we have selected 5. Our 5 reasons include improving efficiency, maximising revenue and reducing risk.
What customer service options do CREDITONLINE offer?
We know that customer service is one of the most important aspects when working with a software company. At CREDITONLINE we offer a range of customer service options to ensure you and your business can run at optimum performance.
How will using a loan management system benefit my business?
A Loan Management system such as CREDITONLINE can be very useful to companies of any size. In this blog we will detail just some of the ways a loan management system can benefit your business.
What is a loan management system?
Since the existence of mankind we have always been looking for ways to better older systems and move towards more efficient, functional and smarter technologies.
Digital lending versus traditional lending methods
In recent years there has been a digital boom, everything from shopping to watching television has moved online. The lending industry has followed the same trend and a range of new digital lending products have entered the market. In this blog we will detail what digital lending is, what the benefit of digital lending are and also make a comparison between digital and traditional lending methods.
How do I know mine and my customer’s data will be safe when using CREDITONLINE?
With years of experience in the lending industry, our dedicated team are committed to providing the highest quality customer service and products. We know that trusting a company with your data can sometimes be a scary prospect, but our team work to international standards of best practice and we uphold these standards in-house on every project we work on.