Automated Loan Management Software

Step by step process of the automated loan management software

The CREDITONLINE system is a fully automated loan management system. This solution extends the productivity of your loan business to the maximum. The API easily integrates with other data service providers. From Data input to validation, Credit History, Scoring & Rating to Decision making. The processes are fully automated for maximum security.

Data input
  • Website registration
  • Through other affiliates and agents
  • Agent API
  • Compliance checks
  • Rule based checks
Credit history
  • Connectivity to third data providers
  • Automated checks in internal loan databases
Scoring & Rating
  • Internal third party data rating system
  • Personalized, flexible and internal loan data scoring
  • Possibility to rate the scores
  • Manual/automated loan confirmations and rejections
  • Automatic money transfer

Loan software to cover the full lending cycle

CreditOnline is an integrated end-to-end solution. This solution covers the full lending cycle from application, through to loan origination, risk assessment, decision-making, monitoring and management control of loans. It can all be made to be automated or manually controlled according to your needs and your budget

End-to-end lending process