Acquisitinion Services / Brokerage

Recently at CreditOnline our team has been working to provide new and experienced entrepreneurs with a possibility to acquire and divest from Lending businesses alongside with offering assistance in the setting up of your lending business. That means that we perform everything from start to finish leaving you with a completely hassle free business that you would only need to manage.

Acquisition service

We are offering a service where you acquire an already existing and running loan management business which you can simply take over.

We will take care of the legalities and the set up of your business using our experts in the field who have each had at least 10 years of experience in the lending business field.
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Selling your business

We can take care of the entire process of selling your lending business alongside with finding you the right partner to make the transfer of your business as effective and quick as possible.

At CreditOnline we aim to provide a complete end to end service, covering all aspects of the sale process to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible and you get best deal for you and benefit from the countless time and effort you have put in over the years.

1. Initial meeting
A “health check” on your business to get a clearer picture
Analysis and conclusion on what the adequate price point is.
2. Match up
We would match you up with a number of potential buyers
3. Closing
Our team of experts assists in the negotiating the deal, closing and transfer of the business
4. Legalities
Our team of legal experts will make sure that the business is transferred seamlessly and most importantly legally to you alongside with all the potential licenses and software you made need to ensure your success.

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