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What is CreditOnline Green?

With energy prices soaring it is not uncommon for more and more homes to be opting into a greener and more sustainable energy. Here at CreditOnline we recognise that as more and more homes and business are making the change to renewable energy they are faced with issues such as understaffing, difficulty in record keeping and managing the business and volume of requests / installations. It is also more and more evident that we have already begun the shift to the digital age where services are sought online instead of through cold calls or salesmen. However, with Solar Energy for your home still being a relatively new concept, although there may be online purchase options, there are no software solutions for business looking to enter the market.

Scale up by scaling down

By choosing a Loan Management Solution for your Green Finance Business you will be exponentially saving employees time dealing with clients and managing their accounts.

Speed up

Speed up your business by offering Green Finance solutions to countless web visitors at a time instead of targeting individuals and going through the lead generation process.

Work anywhere

Be free to work wherever you want with the System being accessible on whatever device from anywhere in the world.

Seamless Integration

Being experts in the field we offer seamless and quick integrations which in turn mean that your business can be up and running with custom integrations quickly and stress-free.

Why you should choose us for loan management software?

With the installation of solar energy solutions being pricey at best, many homes are forced to take out some type of payment plan to pay back the cost of the panels over a period of months, years or even decades. These repayment plans are usually combined with extensive but exhaustive contracts, sign up processes and multiple meetings taking up valuable employee efforts that could be dedicated to more useful processes.

Therefore CreditOnline is offering a solution to the tedious record creating and keeping process. The CreditOnline Green option is about offering you a tool which allows you to do more with less.

Who can use green finance loan software?

CreditOnline Green is a solution for business looking to finance Solar Panels and other Green energy Solutions. Since it is rare that a client can pay for the solar panels and installation at once, a loan management system can help the potential client pay for the solar panels in instalments and help the user sign up.

The loan approval process can be managed via the Loan Management Software to either accept all clients, accept certain clients with higher credit ratings or left manual so that the administrator can see the details and accept or decline the application. This offers the most control over every business type.

Once the application is approved, the Loan Management system will take care of the administration side of the business such as contracts, repayment plans and dates. The System administrator is also able to set variable interest rates and late fees for repayments.

Since it is a fully digital system, client data can be mass sorted and exported meaning that separate clients can has separate client groups and provided issues occur, groups can be exported and passed onto appropriate agencies.

If you would like to find out more about CREDITONLINE's Green Loan management system and how it can support your business, please contact our team or book a free demo.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Creditonline Green

What is Green Finance used for?
Green Finance can be used in a variety of industries such as Solar Panel Installations, Wind Farms, Hydropower and more. When the potential customer or business wants to embark on their green journey, there are countless administrational processes to take care of in the background. At CreditOnline, we are able to take care of all those processes in the background while the business runs smoothly in the front.
Why consider Green Finance?
As we continue making the shift to more renewable energy sources, green finance is becoming a more and more popular option to start producing renewable energy at a price point that most homes can afford.
How is CreditOnline Green Different?
At CreditOnline we have focused our tech-wizards attention on the increasing gap between businesses and end consumers when it comes to solar panel information. With their joint effort and experience of over 20 years, they have developed a solution that allows a green finance business to run at the click of a few buttons from anywhere on the planet.