Credit Online - Loan Management Software

What is CreditOnline?

Befitting established lenders, loan-granting scale ups and credit startups, CreditOnline is a future-proof lending technology designed to boost your business capacity to auto complete others by creating seamless financing experiences globally.

Offering loan management software & system services

Our innovative lending technology, solutions and partnerships render it:

  • Fast, simple and cost-effective to improve your products
  • Expand the portfolio of your services
  • Increase the number of your clients without inflating your contribution margin
  • More effective to scale up or reinvigorate your business at any stage of the business life-cycle

What other loan management software services do we offer?

Our team offers qualified supervision and support to our clients to ensure optimum setup of the platform with regards to your current and expected future needs and smooth implementation of the project.

We also offer professional loan business consultations and a wide variety of other services to:

  • Help you maximise the benefits of our offer
  • Facilitate greater business agility
  • Accelerate your scaling up

Why we offer loan management solutions?

Ever since we took off in 2007, we have been guided by the conviction that efficient, effective and equitable access to financing is essential to socioeconomic progress. We strive for an active society in which everyone is encouraged to take their ideas and translate them into reality, and in so doing be part of a growing economy and inclusive prosperity – we do so by empowering lenders through advanced IT solutions. Throughout the years we have accumulated crucial know-how that not only allows us to solve most pressing lending industry challenges, but also emboldens us to take a step further and constantly innovate new technological solutions in anticipation of particular challenges to come.

Multilingual Employee Base

CreditOnline boasts of a multicultural Employee Base that, in addition to professional translators, has worked tirelessly to translate the entire CreditOnline system and its modules into 7 different languages.

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Trusted by hundreds businesses in 15+ countries

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Quality and information security policies

In order for CREDITONLINE to perform all its services to the highest level and for its controlled information to be safe, CREDITONLINE has implemented a quality management and an information security management system which meets the standard requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001.
In the year 2011, CREDITONLINE was awarded ISO 9001 "Quality management" and ISO/IEC 27001 "Information security management" certificates which are constantly checked during regular surveillance audits. The activity processes of CREDITONLINE are based on the "Plan - Implement - Check - Expand" cycle.
The ISO 9001 standard obliges the company to focus towards the constant improvement of services. The main goal of CREDITONLINE is to supply services of the highest quality. The company is obligated to ensure a stable quality of supplied services and products and to constantly increase the effectiveness of its activities.
Moreover, CREDITONLINE focuses great attention towards information security. The ISO/IEC 27001 certificate confirms that the information security standards of the company meet the requirements of this standard and that also CREDITONLINE has undertaken sufficient security measures in order to protect information from unauthorized use and alteration.
Information confidentiality, integrity and availability are guaranteed by the ISO/IEC 27001 standard.