Leasing Management Software

Leasing is a common way to purchase high value items. To ensure a smooth experience for your customers it is important to utilise a high quality, effective leasing business management system. Our modern software solutions will allow you to manage all of your business processes easily and in one place.

What is leasing?

Leasing allows customers to purchase desired products and use them from the day of purchase whilst the ownership of the product remains with the leasing provider. During the period a customer uses that product, they will make payments to the leasing provider until the end of the contract or until the customer becomes the owner. The customer can take ownership of the product from the leasing provider once the outstanding balance has been cleared.

Why choose CREDITONLINE’s Leasing Management System?

Our system is highly automated reducing your administrative costs, improving performance, reducing risk and will also increase performance and efficiency. CREDITONLINE’s system is recognised by financial sector professionals, giving you and your business peace of mind that you are using a high quality product.

What are the features of CREDITONLINE’s Leasing Management System?

  • Agreements and documents are generated and sent to the customer automatically.
  • Automated loan disbursement and installment distribution upon receipt.
  • Automated process for sending messages or reminders to customers.
  • Communication with your client is online allowing them to be constantly informed about the leasing process and terms.
  • Automatic assessment of customer solvency which makes decisions according to the evaluation algorithms you set.
  • Ability to manage and administer recovery and trial processes.
  • Ability to export database information from any location on the system according to your defined rack and export table parameters.

Our factoring system has many features to streamline the factoring process for both you and your customers, here are just a few:

  • All information of the leased product on the loan card is conveniently visible.
  • The ID of all loans is visible in the Leased Products Journal.
  • All commodity card information is automatically included in the Leasing documents. Also, all commodity card information can be retransmitted to messages/reminders and sent to the Customer, thus maintaining better communication.
  • You can choose the loan payment method: Annuity, Linear, or Bullet.
  • Easy and simple to perform full or partial loan payment function and recalculate the loan interest and schedule when loan is repaid earlier than term deadline.
  • Loan Management Systems can be operated in different currencies so there is no need to worry about currency conversion.

For further information about our leasing business management system, please book a free demo or contact our team.

Frequently Asked Leasing Solution Questions

Does your software include automotive leasing?

Yes, we offer leasing loan management software for automotive companies and many more. If you think that your company may not be supported for some reason reach out to us and we will be able to reassure you that it does.

Can messages to clients/customers be automated?

CreditOnline’s loan management software has the functionality to fully automate messages, reminders and emails to be sent to customers.

Are there any limitations to the products your software can provide leasing for?

There have not been any limitations to the products that we can provide leasing for yet. However if one arises we will let our clients know. If you think that your product may not be supported, then ask us and we will gladly put your mind at ease.