Leasing Business Management System Software

Leasing has already become a common way of acquiring various purchases. Especially when the demand for leasing increases, it is very important to maintain the highest possible quality of the Leasing Business Management System. This requires modern software solutions - CREDITONLINE Leasing business software will allow you to manage all business processes in the system smoothly and efficiently.

What is leasing?

Leasing is a service provided by leasing companies. The lessee (leasing recipient) can purchase the desired product and use it from the day of purchase, but the ownership of that product belongs to the lessor (leasing provider). During the entire product using period, the lessee pays payments to the lessor until the end of the contract or he will ultimately redeem the leased product and the lessee will become an owner of the leased product.

What makes CREDITONLINE a unique Leasing Business Management System provider?

  • - Agreements and documents are generated and sent to the Customer automatically.

  • - Automated loan disbursement and installment distribution upon receipt..

  • - Automated process of messages/reminders sending to the Customer.

  • - Communication with a client is “online”, so You will be able to constantly inform about the leasing processes and terms.

  • - Automatic assessment of customer solvency which makes decisions according to the evaluation algorithms You set.

  • - Ability to manage and administer recovery and trial processes.

  • - Ability to export database information from any location on the system according to Your defined rack and export table parameters.

That’s why the CREDITONLINE Leasing Business Management System is recognized by the financial sector professionals. Automated Leasing Business Management System will reduce administrative time costs and not only perform fast and efficient operations but also increase security and reduce risk.

Why choose CREDITONLINE Leasing Business Software?

CREDITONLINE Leasing Business Software advantage is the easily and conveniently managed leased products model that is based on the commodity cards principle. Commodity cards constructor provide many conveniences because of:

  • - The ability to create Product Categories.

  • - The ability to create a Card Template for each category of products.

  • - An unlimited number of fields can be added to the card template - it all depends on your needs.

  • - You can conveniently adjust and fill card templates according to your needs. You can also easily set the type and format of the fields as you like.

  • - Scanned documents can be attached to the product card, for example - purchase invoice.

And still, that’s not all features of CREDITONLINE Leasing Business Management System. The wide range of different functions allows you to create a leasing business you want, because of:

  • - All information of the leased product on the loan card is conveniently visible.

  • - The ID of all loans is visible in the Leased Products Journal.

  • - All commodity card information is automatically included in the Leasing documents. Also, all commodity card information can be retransmitted to messages/reminders and sent to the Customer, thus maintaining better communication.

  • - You can choose the loan payment method: Annuity, Linear, or Bullet.

  • - Easy and simple to perform full or partial loan payment function and recalculate the loan interest and schedule when loan is repaid earlier than term deadline.

  • - Loan Management System can be operated in different currencies so there is no need to worry about currency conversion.