Since the existence of mankind we have always been looking for ways to better older systems and move towards more efficient, functional and smarter technologies.

CREDITONLINE’s software solutions are fully integrated and scalable

With the creation of CREDITONLINE we are looking to revolutionise the lending industry with a new state of the art lending database interconnecting banks, businesses and corporations into one global network offering companies a never seen before database with AI integration.

We’re not done yet, CREDITONLINE is led by separate teams focusing on developing, marketing, programming and others all coming together to form a unit of highly focused and skilled individuals who have made it their own personal goal to see this start-up grow into a global scale company.

CREDITONLINE offers an interconnected database system which can take care of most financial institution needs, especially those to do with loans. In understandable terms, we do this by integrating your databases with ours building a stronger, more extensive and smarter database with each joining member. So far, we have more than 150 European Companies integrated into our database and we’re still growing every day.

Seamlessly transition to CREDITONLINE’s system

What’s even better is that to be a part of our system, no drastic changes are needed, our team of developers can make the transition seamless and effortless by integrating our control panel (system back-end) into your websites / system.

Access thousands of potential customers

By joining us you will gain access to a database of thousands of customers and consumers who may need your services. With CREDITONLINE you will no longer have to make use of unreliable information to look into potential clients, instead you can breeze through client’s profiles to see what product suits them best.

Automated loan management system

Better yet, CREDITONLINE’s system can actually do all the above, you guessed it, automatically thanks to the AI the developers and programmers have worked on for over a decade to perfect. Now you will only have to manually address very specific clients whilst the AI minions work silently in the background of your firm.

Save time whilst maximising profit

The technology we offer has the potential to free up time, resources and most importantly for all of us business minded individuals, maximise profits. We do this mainly by allowing your employees to focus on more difficult tasks instead of spending hours sifting through unreliable databases looking for client information which is plausible at best. Instead, join our 15 country strong network and help us grow by growing yourself!

To find out more about our services, head to our services page or contact our team for further information.