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Success stories

Region: Latvia, Lithuania

We have been using services of UAB "EGROUP EU" for 5 years now. We have been improving together during the whole period and have implemented projects in the Latvia and Lithuania. The company is represented by qualified employees who are open to suggestions of the clients. Every time any questions arise, a solution is presented. High-level programmers create unbelievable electronic business platforms.
An appropriate pricing system and business module encourages us, the client, to look for new markets. We entered this business as novice entrepreneurs, made a lot of mistakes and learned from them until we could accurately assess the demand of the market.
In our business it is most difficult to compete with the veterans, therefore we have to overcome them by offering quality services and it is no secret that in order to offer such services investments are needed as well as a great team and appropriate technical solutions. All of the above is offered by EGROUP EU.

Director Vitalija Tarasevičiūtė

Region: Czech Republic

We have been working with Creditonline since the year 2011. They offer a great business package to any new business and help immensely in simplifying various loan business aspects including the issuing of loans, the assessment of the solvency of the potential client as well as are indispensable when narrowing down the human error factor as they functions offered by the Creditonline software offer maximum automation of various functions.
We are very happy with the system and thank UAB „EGROUP EU” for being a great asset in expanding and supporting our loan business.

Director Jekaterina

Region: Poland

We have been using the Creditonline software since 2012. Creditonline offers a valuable and solid base to start and implement your business to the full. They offer great support and important suggestions to any questions or ideas that we might have. By using the system we were able to develop our system and expand from only have one loan system to two which in turn has helped our business immensely.
We thank Creditonline for being a great base to develop and expand and hope to reach new goals and implement new ideas together.

Director Konstantin Viduto

Region: Czech Republic

AN EURO GROUP s.r.o. has been using the Creditonline system since early 2011. During the three year period that we have been working together we have been very happy with various business solutions offered by the system. The system is very useful as it is always up to speed with the latest legal regulations and offers many innovative solutions. They are constantly creating new modules to choose from and the old modules are not forgotten but on the contrary are constantly developed in order to meet the complicated and difficult needs of the loan business market.
We are happy to say that we work with Creditonline and thank the team for their spirit and constant aim to innovate and improve!

Director Antanas Radavičius

Region: Latvia

SIA “Delta Capital” and UAB “EGROUP EU” have been working together for now more than 4 years. We are very happy for the system and are proud to say that the Creditonline software has not stopped evolving and has been developing according to the needs and wants of not only the loan business market but also the client.
They always offer great solutions to any issues or ideas that we have and offer a fast and qualified support system 24/7. This is a reliable software that is vital to any business that strives to be the best in the business.
We thank the Creditonline team and hope to work together for many more years to come!

Director Jekaterina

Region: Lithuania

We have been using the CREDITONLINE software since the beginning of 2008, i.e. the beginning of UAB „EGROUP EU“. The start of the first steps taken was by using a rather primitive software which needed a lot of manual work. While the loan business and the needs of clients were expanding so did CREDITONLINE which did not stray from innovations. As of this day we are very happy to use an incredibly broad and intuitive software which features a lot modules and requires a minimal amount of manual work. Due to CREDITONLINE we can expand the business with a minimal amount of employees and its expansions does not require additional human resources.
We are thankful to the employees of UAB “EGROUP EU” for the constant development of the software, the creation of new modules and rapid responses to any needs and suggestions.

Director Rasa Urbonaitė