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Loan software

We offer a loan business management system for any kind of a loan business

  • Consumer loans
  • Payday loans
  • Installment loans
  • Secured loans
  • P2P lending

EGROUP EU specializes in creating, installing and supporting loan management systems. The main project of the company is the loan business management system CREDITONLINE. CREDITONLINE system is developed by analyzing the good practice of the European loan market and its economical trends.
The loan business management system is created and supported for now more than 7 years. Within that time, the system has been implemented in 80 companies in the European Union as well as other countries.

The system is developed on the basis of cost saving and effectiveness.

You can service more than 500 000 loan applications per month with the fully automated loan business management system CREDITONLINE. This is a very high level of work efficiency which is determined by the automation of the CREDITONLINE loan software and the application of newest IT technologies.

The loan business management system CREDITONLINE meets international personal data protection requirement as well as modern marketing techniques. CREDITONLINE loan software is easily integrated with financial, accounting, marketing and other software which in turn enables to save HR (Human Resources).

EGROUP EU offers thee loan business management system packages, for more information please go to Software Packages