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Below are a few tips on starting your own business

  1. To start of you must have a vision of your business - what it is that you actually strive to achieve.
  2. Choose a scale of your loan business.
    • Small business - if you plan to start a business of such scale we can offer you an appropriate solution with CREDITONLINE START.
    • Medium business - if you plan to start such a business we can offer you an ideal solution with CREDITONLINE STANDARD.
    • Large scale business - if you plan to start big we can offer you our extensive solution called CREDITONLINE PROFESSIONAL.
    • For a large professional credit business we can offer you our most professional solution called CREDITONLINE ENTERPRISE.
    • Specifically for P2P businesses we can offer you our CREDITONLINE P2P solution.
  3. Consultation - we can consult you with any questions that you might have and offer you solutions.
    • Legal issues of the loan business;
    • Help you set up a company in a chosen country and help you get started with your business;
    • Our employees are always ready to consult and advise you in any and all questions regarding starting your business.
  4. If you fit any of the above categories or have any questions regarding the CREDITONLINE software, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  5. Also, if you know what you already want or have trouble choosing the appropriate version for your needs, why not set up a demo of the CREDITONLINE software?