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Creditonline loan administration software packages

We offer different packages for different business types

support with API fee from 550€/month
support with API fee from 750€/month
support with API fee from 900€/month

EGROUP EU offers three loan business management system packages: START, STANDARD and PROFESSIONAL.

The START package is designated for a small loan business with basic functions.
The STANDARD package is a fully fledged and thorough package of the CREDITONLINE system and is designated for a middle sized loan business with advanced automatic functions (automatic document control, loyalty system, a debt recovery module, etc.).
The PROFESSIONAL package is a CREDITONLINE system package designated for a large scale loan business with a broad choice of functions (marketing management, connection of external systems, analysis system, automatic solvency assessment and loan issuance processes, etc.).

Category Module Start license Standard license Professional license Additional modules Country
Loans Control center All
Loans All
Full loan administration All
Loan history simulator All
Loans (preview only) All
Installment loans All
Banks All
Pricelist All
Debt write-offs All
Problems All
Rejected applications All
Extension applications All
Evaluation criteria All
Late fee All
Categories All
The management of balance settlement All
Solvency declaration log All
Payments Payments All
Distribution of payments All
Tvarkaraščių pinigų srautai/ Installment money flow All
Payments (preview only) All
Incorrect payments All
Types of payments All
Client profiles Client profiles All
Client accounts All
Black list All
Login log All
Banned IP addresses All
Categories All
Incomplete registrations All
Deleted clients All
Client tags All
Duplicate search (standard) All
Duplicate search (extended) All
Cards Cards All
Card types All
Card token inquiry log All
Card tracking All
Settings All
Additional fees Administration All
Types of fees All
Settings All
Loan fee settings All
Offices/Cash registers Operations All
Offices/Cash registers All
Report All
Settings All
Guarantors Guarantors All
Settings All
Agreements Agreement history All
Loan agreement history (log) All
Agreement administration All
Settings All
Documents Attached documents All
System documents All
System document templates All
Document upload form in the client zone All
Types of documents All
Insurance Reports All
Insurance review All
Templates All
P2P Investment Automatic investment All
Active investment All
Investor profiles All
Loan applications (p2p) All
Interest configuration All
Debt recovery Internal exaction All
Actions of internal debt collectors All
Contact Status All
Outsourced exaction All
Distribution to debt collectors All
Deferment All
Message templates All
Settings All
Mass document settings All
Distribution according to sum of debt All
Court Courts All
Bailiffs All
Court list All
Bailiff list All
Settings All
Police Administration All
Settings All
Sold loans Administration All
Settings All
E-bill of exchange Administration All
Settings All
Invoices Invoices All
Settings All
Protection of personal data (PPD) Review All
Settings All
Bankrupt clients Bankrupt clients All
Document preparation All
Settings All
Questionnaire form Search All
Registration form All
Scoring All
Form field constructor All
Settings All
Deposits Deposit list All
Deposit fields All
Deposit type All
Forms All
Debt reminders Debt reminders All
Settings All
Payments (transfers) Journal All
Methods All
- Depends on the provider
- Depends on the provider
- Depends on the provider
- Depends on the provider
- Bank Of Georgia ( GE
- UK
- CZ
Transfer groups All
Payment export (one bank) All
Transfer export groups All
Date shift settings All
Settlements Methods All
Process All
Settings All
- Depends on the provider
- Swedbank gateway Depends on the provider
- Seb Bank banklink Depends on the provider
- Depends on the provider
- Depends on the provider
- Depends on the provider
- UK
- Depends on the provider
- Depends on the provider
Payment import Payment import into the system
Payment import for reviewing All
Payment review All
Loan review All
Type management All
Mail CZ
Post import for review CZ
Paybox systems Paybox systems All
Inquiry log All
Settings All
- Bank of Georgia Depends on the provider
- Depends on the provider
- Depends on the provider
Mintos Loans All
Errors All
Settings All
Investors Investor details All
Other systems All
Payments (transfers) All
Refund log All
Outer systems Outer systems All
Communication Notifications/Reminders All
Send messages All
Client profile filter in Notifications/Reminders All
E-mail Sending log All
Settings All
SMS SMS Inbox All
SMS Outbox All
Send SMS All
Manual sending templates All
Settings All
Conversation log Conversation log All
Post Sending log PL / LT
Send a document PL / LT
Settings PL / LT
Support tickets Tickets All
Categories All
Statuses All
Priorities All
E-mail templates All
Answer templates All
Settings All
Queries Categories All
Forms All
VoIP Profiles All
Settings All
- Ossnet Depends on the provider
- Callex Depends on the provider
Promotion system Administration All
Client grouping management All
Testing zone All
Loan grouping management All
Loan actions All
Name-days All
Promotion points Point groups All
Client points All
Point payments All
Settings All
Discount codes Codes All
Message templates All
Client discount codes All
Discount code groups All
Agents Client profiles All
Earnings All
Commission settings All
Agent managemen All
Manual assignment of loans All
Settings All
Duplicate check log All
Loan creation configurator All
Configurator testing All
API integration (works only with the agent module) All
API client check All
API log All
API Testing All
Mobile agents Mobile agents All
Agent‘s commission All
Report All
Settings All
Affiliates Affiliate management All
Data check All
Manual transmission All
Settings All
Transmission of client information Manual transmission All
Inquiry log All
Partner management All
Settings All
Sold applications Manual loan transmission All
Inquiry log All
Partner management All
Settings All
FAQ Categories All
Questions-answers All
Bonuses Administration All
Templates All
Bonuses amounts All
Settings All
Volsor Client settings CZ PL
Banners Administration All
Line scroll Administration All
Settings All
Polls Administration All
Results All
Databases Databases All CZ
Intrum Justitia CZ
Nebankovní registr (Omega) CZ
Sokordia iSpis CZ
Neplatné doklady (mvcr) CZ
Krd PL
Infomonitor (BIG) PL
Erif PL
Sodra LT LV
RC nekilnojamas turtas LT
STOP-credit LT
Credit Info LT LV GE
CreditReform LV LV
Paus Konsults LV
Julianus Inkasso LV
Crefo LV
Lindorff CreditService LV
Kontomatik All
Instantor All
Exfifax ES
Experian ES
invalidPassportsApi RU
rosFinMonitorTerr RU
soliditet CZ
crediweb LV
bdsFootprint CZ
blockLists CZ
deltavista PL
financescoring CZ
pab24 GE
sokordiaIspis CZ
sokordiaIspisRuian CZ
List of blocked data All
CallCredit Call Validate UK>
Call Report UK
Equifax reports UK
Settings UK
Client Solvency Assessment System (CSAS) Configuration of assessment forms All
Search All
Query log All
Scoring databases All
Assessment values All
Actions of automatic assessment All
Automatic assessment forms All
Automatic evaluation form testing All
Inquiry export All
Mass Evaluation All
Assessment of registrations All
External databases*** Credit Info LT LV
Infomonitor (BIG) PL
Deltavista PL
Loan marker Loan marker All
Journal All
Testing zone All
Settings All
Loan limits Limit configurator All
Client levels All
Testing zone All
Settings All
Reports to state institutions LB report LT
PTAC report LV
BNB report Report BG
Report history BG
Settings BG
Loan statistics Statistics All
Monthly statistics All
Visitor statistics Reports All
Review All
Settings All
Marketing campaigns All
Business Analysis Reports All
Report constructor All
Dataset constructor All
Import/Export All
Settings All
Address register Regions All
Cities All
Field constructor Sequence in administration All
Selection statistics All
Categories All
Export Export (one module) All
Export constructor All
Debtors export All
Electronic signatures Inquiry log All
Settings All
Languages Phrases All
Languages All
Currencies Administration All
Currency history All
Settings All
Country IP filter Import All
Settings All
Action log Action review All
Administration log All
Important changes All
Logins All
* additional terms and conditions apply
*** only data retrieval without sending option