EGROUP EU offers 5 loan business management system packages: START, STANDARD, PRO, ENTERPRISE, P2P.

The START package is designated for a small loan business with basic functions.

The STANDARD package is a fully fledged and thorough package of the CREDITONLINE system and is designated for a middle sized loan business with advanced automatic functions (automatic document control, loyalty system, a debt recovery module, etc.).

The PROFESSIONAL package is a CREDITONLINE system package designated for a large scale loan business with a broad choice of functions (marketing management, connection of external systems, analysis system, automatic solvency assessment and loan issuance processes, etc.).

Enterprise - CREDITONLINE system package for a large professional credit business, providing various types of loan services: mortgage loan, leasing, leasing, credit line. There are various types of loan modification, restructuring capabilities

The P2P package is a CREDITONLINE system package designed specifically to suit all types of P2P businesses (e.g. consumer, business or secured loans).

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