Businesses can benefit an immense amount from using API’s. We have therefore broken it down into 6 sections to better explain how our API can be of use to your business.

1. Increased Productivity

When running a business or an enterprise we have to be realistic, there are 24 hours in one day and 5 days in a working week. There are simply not enough hours in the day or days in the week for us to be able to provide a good experience to each client, or we’d have to have as many employees as clients. That would obviously crush profits that a business can make.

With API’s we don’t need as many employees as clients simply because one API can perform the tasks of thousands of employees. It sends emails, performs calculations, keeps track of all the clients and so many more tasks that this whole blog wouldn’t be enough to name them all. This obviously saves weeks of work meaning that all you need are a few employees to keep the system running happily.

2. Costs

With all the saved work time mentioned above, an obvious benefit is the saved costs of work. According to a survey, it costs about £200,000 in software development to start a business. With our startup API costing a fraction of that and being completely adaptable to your own individual needs, cost savings are a guarantee.

3. Opens up opportunities

with all the costs and time your business will be saving, the valuable resources that once may have been used to keep your head above the water can now be relocated to other departments in your business. Your employees can now communicate directly through the software and collaborate on tasks reuniting a once disjointed business into a well-oiled machine.

4. Innovates and refreshes

One of the mistakes new start-ups make is running a business the old fashioned way which is one head of enterprise with a bunch of employees. This system is relatively outdated as it wastes resources and encourages miscommunications down the line. API’s can refresh your business inside out giving it a new feel and therefore being more attractive to potential consumers. Studies show that 56% of customers chose to purchase from innovative companies and no longer necessarily the old school classic companies.

5. Builds new capabilities and opens new doors

Most business owners dread change because it means restructuring their existing business to adapt to the change that is happening. With our API, you can rest assured that we have a team of dedicated programmers implementing new modules every day. Lets face it, computers are here to stay and they are only getting better. We strive to stay on top of any happening changes and if you so decide that you want to change something in the API one day, we are only a phone call away to make the changes quickly and seamlessly.

6. Improves Marketing

Marketing can be quite a difficult task especially when you have limited resources. How about opening yourself to the possibilities of any market? That can be done with the implementation of new modules in the API and the freeing up of the workforce. If your team is no longer run down, their productivity can be used better in increasing the speed to market which according to studies can improve by 34%.

7. Improves Mobility

Right now more than ever the work method is changing, it is no longer the norm to work at work. Slowly, especially because of the recent pandemic, more and more people are opting to work from home. What better way to unify all your workers under one virtual roof than an API?

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