When explaining the automated lending system, it is easiest to understand by looking at the process of installment loans.

The typical process will start with a prospective client booking a free demo to speak about the software, the client's needs, and the suitability of our software to their business. Provided it is a match, often there will be a GAP analysis, that is when our tech wizards will schedule a meeting with the client to see where our software fits in seamlessly and whether there are any other functionalities that the client may require to facilitate the lending process.

Once the GAP analysis is complete and the functionalities (if any required) are added, the client is given access to the system and is ready to start issuing loans.

The loan lifecycle then begins with a user of the system accessing the client's Loan business and registering for an account. This will then create a user profile in our client's software and import the user's data into our client's system. As the client is registering he will be asked to complete a verification of his identity, this may be through document verification or a camera application that verifies the user's identity in real-time. Information about the user in our client's system can be gathered all at once during the sign-up process or gradually as the client moves through the lending process.

The loan origination process begins once the user has verified his identity and submits a request for a loan. This is where a credit risk assessment may take place and where further contracts or documentation may be filled in by the user. Once a request has been made, it will show up in the user's loan portfolio.

When the request is made it will show up in our Loan Management Software – the approval of which can either be manual, semi-manual or fully automatic.

The user at this point will wait for a reply from the client or the system administrator (usually, both are the same entity).  Before the loan is approved, the user may change the loan request at which point the contracts available to the user in his user zone will change accordingly.

Depending on how automated the client wants the system to be, the approval process can take anything from five minutes to an hour.

Once the loan is approved or declined, the user will be notified via a series of communications which could be either in the form of email, text message, or notifications, all of which can be managed by the client.

If the loan request is successful the client will be sent the requested amount and the contractual obligations he has filled in at the beginning of the loan origination process.


The system will then, depending on the client's preferences, create a schedule for the repayments for the user which will also be displayed in the user's zone in the client’s interface.