London Fintech Week 2023 served as a convergence point for leaders and innovators across various tech industries, including fintech. Among the esteemed attendees was Egle Krolyte-Plentiene, Head of sales and Head of Creditonline UK, a renowned loan management software company. Let's explore Egle's firsthand insights and experiences at the event, shedding light on the significance of CreditOnline's presence and the key takeaways for the loan management software industry.

 Motivation and Objectives:

When asked about her motivation to attend London Fintech Week 2023, Egle stated, "We at CreditOnline always seek to find out what is happening in the tech world and especially in the fintech world." She emphasized the importance of staying informed about the latest technologies and innovations in the industry. Egle's objective for the event was clear: "to find out more about the latest technologies, the latest innovations, as well as to find out what's happening in the industry."

Industry Trends: AI Takes the Lead:

Egle highlighted the prominence of artificial intelligence (AI) as a key trend at London Fintech Week 2023. She mentioned, "I think the main trend that we can see is definitely AI, the growth of AI in every tech industry, including the fintech industry." Egle acknowledged the rapid and extensive development of AI in recent years, and she believes it will continue to expand. She noted, "AI will become a part of most likely, most techs, normal processes, including loan management software."

Active Participation and Contribution:

CreditOnline's presence at London Fintech Week underscored their commitment to the industry. As a loan management software provider, their unique perspective contributed to the broader fintech discourse. Egle's presence ensured that CreditOnline's insights as a software provider were shared, offering valuable perspectives on challenges and opportunities in the loan management software sector.

Relevance and Value of London Fintech Week:

Describing the event, Egle expressed, "It brought together loads of industries in an incredibly well-organized event with great speakers and lots of insights." She commended London Fintech Week 2023 for uniting various tech industries, including fintech, insuretech, lendtech, healthtech, and more. The event provided a platform for valuable networking opportunities and actionable insights that surpassed Egle's expectations.

Advice for Loan Management Software Companies:

When asked about advice for other loan management software companies attending future industry events, Egle emphasized the importance of keeping up with the latest trends. She recommended, "It's always important to keep up with the latest to see what's going on within the industry and see how and where the technology is developing to make sure you are providing the best possible product for your clients."

Shaping CreditOnline's Strategy:

Regarding the impact of London Fintech Week on CreditOnline's strategy, Egle stated, "We at CreditOnline already do have AI integrated into our software." However, she emphasized that the key takeaway from the event was the continuous growth of AI within the industry. This insight will guide CreditOnline's future direction, ensuring they harness the full potential of AI to enhance the customer journey and the overall loan management software experience.


CreditOnline's presence at London Fintech Week 2023 exemplified their commitment to leading fintech innovation. Egle Krolyte-Plentiene, Head of sales and Head of Creditonline UK, shared insightful perspectives on the growing role of AI in the industry and stressed the importance of attending such events to stay competitive. By embracing AI and leveraging the lessons learned at London Fintech Week, CreditOnline is poised to continue providing cutting-edge loan management software solutions to their clients, delivering exceptional experiences in an ever-evolving industry.