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Full business package
Full business package

By getting CREDITONLINE You get not just the software, but a full BUSINESS PACKAGE. The Package includes:

  • Detailed consultationsSpecific law and business consulting related to the loan software.

  • Design and ergonomicsThe complete design of the website and its adaptation to the system.

  • Web & Mobile content
    management system
    Ability to edit and modify web & mobile page content.

  • Loan management systemA comprehensive client and loan management system which works on the basis of a SaaSS model.

  • Virtual privacy service
    (VPS) host
    High security dedicated virtual private server host.

  • Full communication packageCRA's, emailing, SMS,
    VoIP and etc.

  • Flexible and
    System adaptation according to your business needs.

  • Employee Training Full training course on operating the CREDITONLINE lending business software.

  • Full security packageSSL, PCI DSS and other ISO certified security solutions.

  • Support systemHelp desk which works 24/7. Direct monitoring of services.

  • Regular backupsFrequent backups of system data and databases.

  • System updatesRegular updates considering the legal acts (country specific) and market needs.