Despite the leasing industries boom over the last few decades it is clear that the administrational side of the otherwise highly profitable business is lagging behind. One of the main reasons for this is the sheer workforce required to cater to the demand of the influx of new clients.

Statistically, one in four vehicles is leased[1] and this is set to grow in the coming years, especially with 2022 being on the brink of a new form of transportation – the electric vehicles. Research shows that sales enquiries on for electric, petrol and diesel vehicles between January 2021 and June 2021 grew by 78%.[2]

At CreditOnline we offer an innovative feature rich solution that will help your business grow faster while saving colossally on work force. With our leasing system we can help you provide a speedy service for the client from the start of their application to its approval.

By implementing our system you will be able to benefit from the following:

Coherent system

o   Most entrepreneurs will agree that fact checking and document review can be one of the most tedious and time taking processes which often occupies highly trained employees with tasks far below their abilities. CreditOnline’s leasing system we can slash the time from application submittal to application granting by at least 70%. Our system refines the application process to a few simple buttons such as “Accept” or “Deny” by combining a range of user determined fields and credit scoring.

-        Integrations

o   We have hundreds of integrations to choose from so to help your business and your clients find what they are after. Because of our extensive consumer base over the world, our programmers have experience with most popular payment system integrations. And provided we do not have the integration you may be after, you can request one of our tech-wizards for the integration your business needs!

-        Cloud access

o   With most car industries focusing on mobility, it is inevitable that some employees will not always be able to work from the office on someone’s lease. Therefore CreditOnline’s System is accessible via SaaS anywhere from the world. This means that any lease can be created, managed or otherwise edited from anywhere in the world!

The possible methods outlined above are just a brief overview of some of the features that will make a lease provider working in the car industry with a CreditOnline system stand out significantly.

To learn more about the services we offer and how we and our team of programmers can help your business grow feel free to drop us a message HERE